Welcome to our assessment page. With over 50 years of Game Accessibility Experience in our team, we would love nothing more than to get you back into the game.  Below you will find our Assessment Questionnaire, it’s the first step, and it helps get the information about you so we can assist you better.

You can also use this as the starting point to visiting our Center for Game Accessibility and Inclusive Play, located in Charles Town, WV, about an hour and a half from Washington DC.

Don’t worry, AbleGamers understands your privacy. We will never sell your data to anyone, period.

We get a lot of requests for help every day at AbleGamers. To make sure that we can help you as fast as we can, please give us as much detailed information as possible. The better we understand your situation, the better we can assist you.

All emails are answered in 1 – 3 business days, depending on complexity.

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Please tell us about your abilities. How does your disability affect your ability to game? What movements are easy? What movements are challenging? What movements are out of the question? Have you ever used assistive technology to play games before? Have you seen any types of controllers that might be interesting or helpful?

Can you play games now?

If Yes, do you use any assistive technology? What do you use to play games? (Standard controller, gamepad, etc.) Do you use any adaptations? (Pillows for positioning, Velcro, tape, etc.?) Was something working and now it's not? Are you able to play but it's difficult?

Finally, how can we help you? Please indicate below if you are:
A) Strictly looking for information and to talk to one of AbleGamers game accessibility experts
B) Seeking advice and consultation for how to play video games AND need financial aid to get the controllers AbleGamers recommends
C) Wanting to come to the AbleGamers' headquarters outside of Washington DC for an in-person consultation

If you already know what assistive technology you need to play video games AND you'll need financial assistance, please visit www.AbleGamers.org/grant where you can apply for a grant to have AbleGamers purchase or make the assistive technology you need to game. Please be aware that due to extreme demand, application times for grants can take up to six months, depending on complexity. Grants are served on a first-come-first-served basis.